Consulting Services

Are you wanting to start making cheese, start selling your products to distributors or start a creamery?  If so, We offer consutling services at several levels and on many topics..they include but are not limited to the following:

Phone Consultation


One hour of phone consulting where you can ask our experts anything you'd like to know about cheesemaking, setting up a creamery and/or selling your dairy products.


Topics might include:

-Making Cheese

-Setting Up a Creamery

-Dealing with Health Departments

-Selling at Farmers Markets

-Selling to Distributors

-Selling to Wholesalers




In Person Consulting at our Creamery


Meet us at our creamery, get a tour and ask as many questions as you'd like.




On Site Consulting at your Facility


We would travel to your site and help you with any aspect of making cheese and starting a creamery.



All travel expenses

$37/hr travel time

$75/hr  ($500/day for 8 hrs)



What Makes Us Different?


Our staff has over 30 years combined experience in the dairy industry (setting up creameries, making dairy products (cheese, yogurt, butter, etc.). 

We do not try to sell you products or equipment -- we just want to help you get started or help you solve a problem you are having!


Contact Us to get a quote or for more information!


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