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Our current milk supplier is:  Country Meadows, Hudson, Indiana: 


Country Meadows Farm is a sixth generation grazing dairy farm located in northeast Indiana.




Answers from our farmer about the cows that produce the milk we use to make our products…


About Country Meadows Farm

All our cows are located in beautiful northeastern Indiana. We are primarily jersey/crossbreed genetics. We also have crossbred Holstein, and random sprinkles of New Zealand genetics, normande, Norwegian red, and milking shorthorn. It’s interesting to see the variety.


About our A2 Milk

We have been breeding for a2 genetics since the early 2000s, way before it was popular. This has made the majority of the herd a2 producing. Yet there are still some cows that do not produce a2 milk but are too beloved for us to discard them based on this factor alone. We strive for 100% a2 producing as our goal, but our cows life expectancy is much higher than the average due to the exercise of being on green pastures and a higher forage based diet. We have cows that live to be 16-20 years old and our attachment to them as you can imagine is as strong as family (for instance, my youngest sister is only 17). Those cows may not produce a2, but have offspring that likely do.


How are our Cows Fed?

All the feed we grow is non-gmo. That includes any corn silage or winter feed.  Now we don’t have unlimited acres to grow our cows entire diet. So we do purchase grain for the cows, and that could be non-gmo, but isn’t guaranteed without paying an additional premium. BUT, we limit grain as much as possible. We want a strong forage-based diet to promote a more natural rumen (stomach) health of the cow. We use grain to ensure the cows are receiving their necessary daily vitamins, minerals and protein requirements that the forage may potentially lack. 

For simplicity of perspective, I usually give the example of what we achieve during the growing season when cows are on pasture. Our cows eat on average 50 dry matter lbs of food per day. It’s very likely at least 40 dry matter lbs of this daily diet is made of pasture and the remaining 10 lbs are grain.  This means (and the key takeaway) the cows are eating 400 lbs of grass per day and 11 lbs of grain. We are always trying to decrease any feed we cannot grow ourselves. 


Bryan Eash, Owner
Grassroots Farmstead, LLC
(260) 336-9346




Milk we use on occasion comes from:  Dandy Breeze Creamery, Sheridan, Indiana:


They have a small herd of about 40-50 Jersey cows and are in the process of becoming Certified Humane.





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