Our Farm Partner

  • We buy our milk from a family farm: Lot Hill Dairy, Jon Claycamp, Seymour, Indiana
  • They milk 40-60 Holstein cows, two times a day. 
  • They pledge not to use growth hormones and antibiotics on their milking cows.
  • In on September 11, 2017, they received their Certificate of PPO Supplier Approval from Certified Humane Raised & Handled.  Their cows milk was approved  as a supplier.




The cows graze on pasture and are given free choice what to eat including:

  • grass (clover, fescue, rye grass, sudan grass & much more)
  • hay (alfalfa and mixed hay)
  • silage (corn silage and haylage) - fermented grasses and corn stalks
  • supplemental feed mixture from a non-gmo source
  • free choice minerals and salt


100% grassfed is very difficult for Holstein dairy cows in the Indiana climate, the heat and humidity significantly impacts the cows' milk production and their health, therefor they get a little supplemental grain mixture to give them more energy.

Our Community Partners

KIBI (Keep Indianapolis Beautiful)


Zionsville School Corporation

Pike School Corporation

The Indianapolis Symphonic Choir


The Orchard School


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