Our Team




Our head cheesemaker and assistant cheesemakers are the hands-on force behind our delicious cheeses. They work their magic to incorporate the finest ingredients into an incredible finished product.



From contacting distributors to ensure you can find our products across the country, to branding exciting new products, to making sure each customer is always satisfied, the sales team is the spark that makes the whole show come alive.



Our lead affineuse and her assistants care for each cheese as it ages; carefully washing it, turning it, and monitoring for quality at each step along its journey.



Our pack team lovingly hand packages every item, ensuring that every single cheese that reaches your hands is of the utmost quality.


Order Fulfillment

Our order fullment experts make sure your cheeses arrive at your door quickly and safely, however they might travel, from huge pallets to your special holiday gift box.



Our knowledgeable and friendly cheesemongers greet you at each farmer’s market and help you choose the perfect addition to your recipe, cheeseboard, or snacktime ritual.



Our educators lead classes on an adventure and provide you with the skills to create your own delicious dairy creations.

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