About Our Beer Cheese:


Every few weeks we make a new batch of beer cheese. Each one is infused with beer from a different local brewery.  We add cream to this semi-soft cheese so it is supple and rich, with a nice tangy flavor and a beer finish.


How to use our Beer Cheese:


 It's a great snack cheese!  This beer cheese melts well and goes great on your favorite meat (burger, dog, sausage) or mixed with robust vegetables (brussel sprouts, kale).  


This cheese is best between 4-8 weeks of age up to 3 months. 


You can find these cheeses at the farmers markets in which we participate, local retailers and through our distributors.


If you are a local brewery who would like to collaborate, find details below!

Some Breweries We've Worked With:

Big Lug

Paw Paw Porter

Sun King

Shadow Proof

Field Brewing

Pitter Patter Porter


John's Porter

St. Joseph

Prophecy Porter



Guggman Haus

Winners Drink Milk


Bock Ness Monster Doppelbock

On deck...

Who wants to be next?  Contact us if you want to be a part of this project. 

Are you an Indiana Brewery???

If you are an Indiana brewery and you'd like to partner with us and want us to make our beer chees with your beer, here's how it works...


1.  Contact us and let us know you want us to make "beer cheese" with your beer.


2. We'll coordinate obtaining 5 growlers of beer.  A strong flavored beer works the best (Porter, Stouts...but, we've used IPAs with success).


4.  We bring the beer back to the creamery and we make the next batch of cheese with your beer – we can buy the beer from you or you give us your beer and when the cheese is ready, you will receive the equivalent value in cheese – your choice! 

5.  When the beer cheese is ready (in about 4-5 weeks), we’ll let you know – if you choose the beer/cheese trade then I’ll deliver your cheese to you.  We'll give you the option of buying beer cheese as well.


6.  We'll label the cheese as being made with your beer and we'll sell it to our retail customers (at farmers markets),  wholesale customers and distributors...and they will love it!


Any questions, please contact us!


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