Washed Rind Cheeses

About twice a year we receive emails from customers who write and tell us that they've purchased one of our cheeses and they think it went bad fast, like on the way home from where they purchased the cheese.  So, we thought we'd add this page to explain a little more about these "stinkers".


The truth is, they are made to stink!  Yes, they are washed in a mixture of bacteria (usually b. linens), yeast, salt water and sometimes, beer, wine and/or other spices.  This wash is the "magic potion" that gives these cheeses the distinctive orange-ish colored rind and creates this more interesting, dramatic, umami, or what we call "funkalicious" flavor that you get when you dive into one of theses odorous beauties.



Storing these cheeses can be quite tricky as they WILL stink up your fridge. 


They are wrapped in special paper that allows them to "breathe," so putting them inside a ziplock bag is not the best choice. This can actually make them start to stink worse, as they are still living and need oxygen. 


A better option (in order to contain their smell) might be to store them in a "Tupperware-style" container that is larger than the cheese that will give them a little "breathing room."  If you choose this option, make sure you open the container every few days.



There is a quite a bit written about this category of cheeses, so we've listed some of the links below.


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