FAQs & Caring For Our Cheeses

Here are some common questions you may have and their solutions.  If you don't see your question on here, please click here to contact us.  

Cheese Topic / Common Issues Solution
Trillium & Foxglove How Should we store these cheeses? The paper that we use to wrap these cheeses has microscopic holes to allow it to breath (because the rind is living and needs air).  If you can't reuse this paper, we recommend you use cheese paper or place the cheese in a container with air around it.  Do not wrap these cheeses in plastic or it will die!
Foxglove This cheese stinks! Yes, it's supposed to smell this way - it's the byproduct of special bacteria (Brevibacterium inens) that makes it taste great.    It's Funkalicious! 
Wheels - Milweed, Hops, Nightshade, White Oak, Dutch Tulip Why is there mold growing on the rind of my cheese?

This is a cave aged cheese with a natural rind.  You may notice mold growing on the rind and this is perfectly normal.  This will not affect the quality of the interior.  In order to remove any mold growth from the rind that may not be as aesthetically pleasing, try dry brushing them with a completely dry vegetable brush or dry towel.  

Queen Anne's Lace Why is there  blue/green mold on the rind of this cheese? Because we have produced blue cheese in our facility, there are still blue mold spores in the air and, it's common for them to land on this cheese and grow.  It will not impact the flavor and you can scrap it off it is not visually appealing to you.
Any Cheese Ammonia Smell

Ammonia is the natural by-product of cheese aging and a small ammount of ammonia is common when you first unwrap your cheese.  We suggest unwrapping and letting cheese sit out for about an hour before consuming.  This should allow the ammonia to dissipate and your cheese to come to full flavor.  If the ammonia smell is still very strong, your cheese may be past it's prime.  Some people may enjoy an overly ripened cheese with a hint of ammonia flavor.  It's really up to you and your taste buds.  


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